6 Body Parts You Are Washing Wrongly When Taking Your Bath


Our skin is home to about 1.5 billion microbes. But not all of them are harmful for us, some are important to our health. That is why we do not need to wash some parts of our body with soap, for others, we do not need to wash them and we need to wash them thoroughly daily.


It is important to pay attention to certain parts of our body. This is why some tips were dug up on how to treat them in the right way. And if you want to prevent the appearance of acne on your body, do not miss the extra at the end of the article.

1. Feet

The feet are one of the parts that should be washed with soap. However, most of us reject this part, thinking that it will become pure only of soap and water that is removed from our bodies. But, in these places, the fungus that causes athlete's foot to become common, especially if you wear shoes or flip flops, do not wear socks, or if you sweat a lot.

That is why, according to the expert, it is important not only to wash your feet with soap only, but also to scrub them regularly with a pumice stone.

The space between your toes should also be clean, regardless of the type of shoes or socks you wear. To avoid bacteria and germs from spreading, you need to wash your fingers with soap and water and dry them thoroughly with a towel afterwards.

2. Back of the Neck

This part of your body can be hot, especially if you have long hair or regular exercise. A healthy neck such as that can be an attraction to mites and bacteria. This is why washing your back often with soap and a sponge or laundry towel can be important to avoid the spread of bacteria.


3. Eyes

Washing your face with soap is not a good thing because it can damage the cornea and sclera of the eyes. But this is why the eyes have lacrimal glands (gland that produce tears) which are responsible for cleansing and protecting them from dirt and other irritants.

The safest way to clean the eyelids and eyelashes is to use a gentle baby shampoo. Mix about half a teaspoon of shampoo in a cup of warm water and press a soft towel into the mixture. Gently wipe your face (back and forth) with a soft cloth and then wash them with water then.

4. Groin

Accordingto dermatologist, the groin should be washed daily. This part of the body contains folds and creases that can carry malignancies that can cause hair loss, infection, and a funky smell. It is also one of the most sensitive areas in the body, and the most effective way to cleanse it is to use soap and cloth.

5. Under the nails

Many insects can rule the area under the nails, and you cannot remove them all by washing your hands. According to doctors, soaking a cotton swab in warm water, using a little soap and rubbing under the nails will remove any bacteria and dirt that the eye can not see.

6. Arms and legs

Unless they are dirty, your hands and feet do not need to be washed thoroughly every day. The skin of these parts together does not produce much oil, so washing them with soap daily will leave the skin dry and flaky.

Bonus: Soapimg your body before shampooing your head.

Using a conditioner for your hair can cause skin rashes and the appearance of acne on your skin. To avoid this and remove any remaining conditioner and shampoo from the skin.

Which of the following parts of your body are washed in the wrong way?

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