6 causes of dark knuckles and home remedies that help get rid of them.


6c9c5aa3c9ad47eca84f803555d5502c?quality=uhq&resize=720When your knuckles are so dark, you may be very disturbed when you are in the public. Hereditary factors, drug reaction or an underlying health condition can cause dark pigmentation in your knuckles. Dark knuckles also occurs when your body lacks some essential vitamins. This condition is not lifelong, it can be corrected over a period of time. I will go deeply on the causes of dark knuckles.

Below are the causes.

1. Addison's disease.

This disease occurs when the adrenal gland in your body doesn't produce enough steroid hormones, that is cortisol and aldosterone. When this happens, you will your knuckles will tend to become dark due to inadequate production of hormones.

2. Polycystic ovary syndrome

This is an health condition that occurs due to imbalance of hormones. When the amount of male hormone produced in women is higher than normal, it can make your knuckles become dark.


This is an health condition that occurs when excess collagen is produced. When there is over production of this collagen, it will affect your skin and tissues thereby making them hard. This will later lead to dark pigmentation on your knuckles.


Diabetes is an health condition which could also make your knuckles dark. When your blood sugar is high, you may experience dark pigmentation on your knuckles.

5. Vitamin B-12 deficiency.

Lack of vitamin B-12 can also make your knuckles dark. This is a temporary cause of dark pigmentation on your knuckles. When you consume foods rich in vitamin B-12, your the dark knuckles will start fading.

6. Drug reaction

Some people may develop dark knuckles because of the drugs they are taking. The reaction of consuming contraceptive pills, protease inhibitors and glucocorticoids can make this develop.

There are some home remedies that helps to get rid of dark knuckles. These home remedies acts on the dark skin by gradually fading these dark pigmentation.

Below are the home remedies.

1. Aloe Vera gel.

Aloe vera is a very effective home remedy that helps to help get rid of dark knuckles. Apply the aloe vera gel on the affected part two times a day for a faster effect.

2. Baking soda.

Put a little amount of baking soda into a container and add little amount of water. Apply the mixture (paste) on your knuckles and leave it for some time. Apply it regularly for a more visible result.

3. Lemon.

Lemon is an acidic fruit which is known for its bleaching properties. This is why it is used to get rid of dark pigmentation from your knuckles. Take your lemon juice and dip it into an absorbent material. After this, apply the soaked material to the affected area and let it dry.


Take turmeric powder and mix it with about one tablespoon of honey. After incorporating them together, take the paste and rub it on the affected area. Allow it to stay and rinse with cold water.


Mix sugar and olive oil together and rub it in your knuckles. This is an effective scrub that helps to fade the dark pigmentation.


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