6 Celebrities Who Are Blessed With Many Children


Childbearing is one of the most important aspects of marriage and children are considered blessings from God. Childbearing is so important in marriage that most of the time it determines the happiness of married couples. While some people go on having kids without planning or having a particular number of kids in mind, some people prefer to have either two, three, four or five kids at most, and there are also people who do not want kids at all.


Alec Baldwin and his family

This article features popular celebrities whom you probably didn't know have a lot of kids. Some of them have up to seven, ten, fifteen and even more. Even though there is no particular number of kids that is considered the normal number of kids that a couple is supposed to have, according to general belief, having kids more than five is considered a lot. Celebrities are one of those people in the society who prefer to have a few kids, but these celebrities decided to stand out with the likes of late American rapper DMX fathering up to 15 children.


James Van Der Beek and his family.

Some of these celebrities had their kids outside their marriage while some of them had theirs with their wives. But the shocking part is the age difference between some of their children. The first child of American actor Eddie Murphy is about 29 years older than his last child. Check out the number of children some of these celebrities have and the age difference between some of them.

1) Eddie Murphy

78ee6eab40634b90b5ed0ada2c726e9e?quality=uhq&resize=72060-year-old American actor Eddie Murphy has 10 children from five different women. He had his first child in 1989 at the age of 28 and his last child in 2018 at the age of 57.

2) DMX

ce22aac8e8d744b1b537ef9cbc58445b?quality=uhq&resize=720The late American rapper Earl Simmon, better known as DMX, has 15 children. He had four children with his lawfully wedded wife. However, he had affair with several other women which resulted in 11 more children.

3) Duane Chapman (Dog the Bounty Hunter) Duane has 12 children from seven different women from his five wives.

4) Future

865475268bc84fad9f648ab19f7054db?quality=uhq&resize=720American rapper Nayvadius Demun Wilburn, better known as Future, is a father to 8 children from eight different women.

5) King Sunny Ade

King Sunny Ade reportedly has over 15 children from his wives.

6) 2face Idibia

Legendary Nigerian musician Innocent Idibia has seven children from three different women.

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