6 Common Causes Of Painful Urination You May Not Be Aware Of


As far as the human body is concerned, pains are surely inevitable because we tend to carry out different activities everyday.

Although, there are different kinds of pains, this is the reason why we need to always pay close attention to our body, and be able to identify if the pain is something that goes away on its own or something that may escalate into chronic problems.

However, the pain which some people feel when they try to pass urine is something that worries people a lot. Painful urination is known as "dysuria".

Most often, we are not aware of the causes of painful urination hence, the need for us to settle down and read about 6 common causes in this article.e899c49b5974451395bb27acea5d2e0f?quality=uhq&resize=720Common causes of pains while urinating include:

1. Bladder problem: The bladder is an organ of the body where urine is stored. When the bladder is full, it sends signal which the brain interprets to us to tell us that we need to pass out urine.

When there is problem with the bladder's ability to hold urine, then we can experience pains while urinating.

2. When a person has a urinary tract infection which is otherwise known as UTI, the person tends to have pains while trying to urinate. The major cause of this pain is when bacteria build up in the urinary tract as a result of holding urine for too long.

3. Prostrate cancer is another cause of pains while urinating. This disease affects mostly men who are over the age of 50 and it is also known as prostatitis. It affects the prostrate glands which aids in the secretion of seminal fluids in men.734229facb964a2b8a8b176d70e9339f?quality=uhq&resize=7204. Another cause is found when people suffer from kidney problems like having stones deposited in the kidney which in other words is called kidney stones.

As we all know, the kidney is responsible for the removal of wastes from the body. When it goes bad, having frequent urination accompanied with pains is one of the symptoms to look out for.

5. Ovarian cyst is another cause of painful urination and this happens mostly in women. It may come with other symptoms like painful period, pelvic pain, pain at the lower back and others.

6. We cannot end this article without including that some types of infections in both men and women like staphylococcus is another cause of painful urination. Transmitted diseases from different partners can go a long way to contribute to this.

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