6 Foods That Have Beneficial Effects On Your Lungs


The lungs are very essential organs in the body. Their major function is respiration which includes breathing-in oxygen and breathing-out carbon dioxide. Like other organs, the lungs can be kept healthy and made to function at it's best by simply avoiding substances that have bad effects on it and consuming foods that improves it's function.

3649147c8404433ab9a074dae017e6d6?quality=uhq&resize=720Besides being responsible for respiration, the lungs helps to maintain the acid-base balance in your body, and also to maintain your body temperature. This means your lungs needs to be working properly at all times because any defect with the lungs can lead to hyperventilation or asphyxiation which can lead to death when it persists for a long time.


Six foods that have beneficial effects on your lungs include.

1. Beans, seeds and nuts. These foods contain good amounts of magnesium which is believed to healthy for your lungs. They also contain omega-3 fatty acids which posses anti-inflammatory effects which helps to control asthma and other respiration problems that are related to inflammatory effects which as I've mentioned above helps to combat.

faea147401e04f94a4c49e6327472207?quality=uhq&resize=7202. Garlic and Onions. The beneficial effects of garlic and onions to the lungs is basically tied to their possession of antioxidants which also help to control inflammation and other oxidative reactions which are implicated in lung diseases such as asthma.

35ef52f3472b4f1cb92cb3c8590178a5?quality=uhq&resize=7203. Ginger. The beneficial effects of ginger on the lungs is related to it's ability to help expel pollutants from the lungs and it's anti-inflammatory effects just like garlic and beans.

f45c8c27f8ac4314af48fd1328faa2fc?quality=uhq&resize=7204. Apples. Apples contains vitamins E and C which are believed to help the lungs functioning well. They also contain antioxidants which help to combat inflammation related to lung diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease known for short as COPD.

dd7f0dd2a054401eacbc4eb465b85487?quality=uhq&resize=7205. Grape Fruit and oranges. Just like apples, they also contain vitamin C and antioxidants which helps to tackle lung disease as explained above.

3a80a60d744c4e3e8727f4aa52926fe0?quality=uhq&resize=7206. Pepper. They are rich in carotenoid and vitamin C which helps to cut down the risks of lung cancer and lung diseases etcetera. a83fb8478d7b4c03a978d6c6e3cadf40?quality=uhq&resize=720

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