6 Healthiest Foods Your Liver Would Want You To Eat More Often.



The liver is one of the most important organ in the body. It is responsible for proper metabolism, filters the blood of harmful substances and converts food to usable energy in the body. The liver also plays a very vital role in the digestion of food in the body. Without an healthy liver, the body would not be able to carry out certain important functions and this might cause liver failure and death. 


That is why it is very important for a person to always take good care of their liver and eat foods that are nutritious. There are some kind of food that could be harmful to your liver, and there are also some foods that your liver would like you to consume more often, to be stronger and healthier. 

Here Are 6 Healthiest Foods Your Liver Would Love You To Eat More Often. 

1. Cabbage. 


Cabbage is a type of leafy vegetable that is very popular here in Africa. Most people are very fond of using it to make salads and its very delicious. The liver requires enough blood supply and eating cabbage can help with that. 

2. Apples. 


Apples are one of the healthiest fruits in the planet. They are very rich in great nutrients needed by the liver to function properly. If you really want your liver to be healthy, try as much as possible to eat apples frequently. 

3. Fish. 


Fishes are a great source of so many healthy vitamins and minerals which the body needs to function better. Oily fishes such as salmon, sardines, and others helps to reduce inflammation buildup in the liver as well. 

4. Walnuts. 


Walnuts are part of the amazing nut family. They are very healthy and nutritious to the brain, heart and liver. This is thanks to their very high antioxidant and omega-3 fatty acid content. 

5. Garlic. 


Garlic should always be included in your diet if you want your liver and other vital body organs to be healthy. Consuming dishes that contains garlic could help to protect the liver against damage, due to a mineral present in garlic, called selenium. 

6. Avocado. 


Avocado is a popular fruit that is packed with healthy nutrients. They are very rich in fiber and healthy fats which slows down liver damage in the body. This new-age super food can also cleanse the liver off toxins and bacteria.

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