6 Popular Foods You Should Stop Feeding Your Kids In Order For Them To Stay Healthy.



Parents should know that their children's diet should be very important. A child's internal organs are not that strong like that of adults, so they'll need a lot of nutritious foods to grow healthy. And bad food choices could take a huge toll on their health. In this article, I'll be telling you guys about 6 popular foods you should stop feeding your kids in order for them to stay healthy. See them below;

1. Ponmo. 


Cow skin, popularly known as "ponmo" is a very common source of meat eaten in so many homes. However, no parent should feed their children with this meat regularly. This is because it contains very little or no nutritional value at all. And we all know that kids are badly in need of nutrients and minerals to stay strong and healthy. Give them fish, eggs, or chicken meat instead of ponmo. 

2. Plantain and Potato Chips. 


Chips are made with fried plantains and potatoes which are dried in the sun for human consumption. It is among the food with the highest amount of starch and sodium ever. And this starch is easily broken down into sugar which is very bad for a child's health. 

3. Ice cream. 


Ice cream is a very popular food which a lot of children love and cannot do without. Most parents are very fond of fulfilling their children's wishes and buying them this ice cream often. Excess eating of it could lead to a spike in the blood pressure of a child and could also cause early diabetes on the long run. 

4. Fried foods. 


Fried foods are those that are deep fried in hot oil. They contain a lot of unhealthy fats and oils which could cause damage especially to the heart. Sadly most parents are fond of feeding their little kids with lots of fried foods such as fried yam, fried plantain, fried eggs and so on. 

5. Soft drinks.


Soft drinks are those which are processed in factories with lots of sugar and artificial sweeteners. They are very bad for children consumption and increases the amount of insulin and glucose in their blood. Rather than giving them soft drinks always, its much better to give them natural fruit juices and tea. 

6. Noodles.


Noodles are definitely not an healthy choice of food to kids. They are a type of junk food made in factories with artificial ingredients and toxic properties. Unfortunately, most lazy parents feed their kids with it almost every single day.


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