6 Signs A Lady Is Waiting For You To Make A Move



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If a girl likes you and she want you to make the move – I mean updating the friendship status to in a relationship status, she will start showing a couple of gestures. But let me warn you, some of the time, a lady will show some sign that really shows that she likes you before you realize she is just nice and that is how she acts around every guy. That said, there are some signs ladies display when they like you and waiting for you to make a move. When you see these signs, you need to garner enough courage and relate your feelings to her. This is because, it is better you know how she feels now before it is too late.

Here are 6 signs a lady is waiting for you to make a move:

1. She keeps making Eye Contact with you. If she always looks at you directly in the eye anytime you are talking to her, it means she likes you and she is waiting for you to make the move.


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Usually, it means that she is attracted to you or that she wants you to approach her. When women are interested in a man, they give out subtle cues. Women tend to avoid eye contact with guys they aren’t interest in or don’t want to talk to them.

Now it is your job as the guy to approach her and see what is going on with her, granted if you are interested also.

Obviously, from there, you will figure out where her interest lie but if you don’t talk to her, you probably won't know as most women don’t show over interest in a guy, even if they really like him.

2. She is attentive. If a lady gives you her undivided attention whenever the both of you are talking, it means she has a thing for you. Trust the ladies, most of them won't come out plain to tell you they have something for you. Instead, they will show some subtle signs which could help relate their feelings. When she always pay close attention to what you have to say, this is a sign she is into you and wants you to make a move.

3. She mirrors your body language. Mirroring is a very positive sign with body language. Mirroring is when she is imitating your actions subconsciously. Which means, you've taken the lead and she's quite into you by now. So if you pick up your drink, she'll pick up hers or if you cross your legs, she'll cross hers. When a lady shows this, it means she likes you. It is left for you to make the bold move.


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Mimicking someone usually means that you want to find common ground or form a bond with someone, whether platonic, attraction. Even though mimicking is non-verbal, it allows and helps some people to be noticed and get closer to each other. It is somewhat like an act of trying to be on the same page as someone else in order for them to be comfortable, open up to you, ask for similarities, etc.

With attraction, mimicking a certain person tells the other that they want to get closer to them, get to know them more, etc.

4. She adjust herself to look pleasing. When you notice a lady does things such as adjusting her hair, her outfit or adding lipgloss the moment you walk in, it means she likes you. It is time for you to make a move.

5. She sometimes wish the both of you are together, alone.


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When a girl wish to be alone with you, it could mean several things. In other cases, when a girl wants to be around you with no one else around, this could mean that she is interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you or wants to get to know you better. You just have to make the move first before she tells you how she feels about you. When you don’t make the right move, you will lose out on a great opportunity.

6. She gives you lots of chances to ask her out.


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When she gives you lots of chances to ask her out, It means she likes you and attracted to you. It means she want you to get into her life. It means she trust you. It means she want to proceed further in the relationship – it can be a friendship or more than that.

So, be polite with her and make her feel happy with you. Give respect to that young lady and make her comfortable with you.

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