6 things you do that gradually damage your brain.


831d5b4887ce42d8a9b8309500162804?quality=uhq&resize=720Brain is a very important organ that helps to control the activities of the body. Without the brain, information and impulses will not be transmitted to other parts of your body. There are some things you do that can harm your brain. Loud sound, excess alcohol intake and inadequate sleep can cause harm to your brain.

Below are things you do that harm your brain.

1. When you smoke.bae1f0def96b4368807c4c415e2f3267?quality=uhq&resize=720

Continuous smoking has a negative effect on your brain function. It can shrink your brain thereby causing memory loss and increasing your risk of getting dementia and other brain problems.

2. When you use ear phones constantly.83983c4de28243c495a4a24391d976ac?quality=uhq&resize=720

When you use ear phones for a very long time it could affect your ear. When your ear is affected, your brain could also get damaged due to high sounds of music.

3.Eating too much junk food.b0fe0717eddf4f618e04f2a57d62292b?quality=uhq&resize=720

When you consume too much junk it could reduce your brain memory and decline cognitive function. Try and reduce your intake of junk foods and consume more vegetables like spinach and so on.

4. Not sleeping welldc305d6ba5704f5592f16210ccc304d0?quality=uhq&resize=720

Your brain needs to relax and when it over works there may be a problem. When you don't sleep properly, your brain will not be able to function well due to over activity. This could later lead to brain damage.

5. Lack of exercise.

6. Taking too much alcohol.

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