6 Ways To Increase Your Milk Supply When Breast Feeding


Are you a nursing mother or a pregnant woman? If yes is the answer, then this article is for you. Below are 6 ways to increase your milk supply when breastfeeding.

1 You need enough rest

Lack of sleep can make it impossible to produce enough milk. So when you are breastfeeding, you need to have enough sleep so that you can supply more milk.

2 breastfeed regularly

A woman's body generates more milk when she breastfeeds her baby regularly. The more she breastfeeds her baby, the more her breast supplies milk. So don't neglect to feed your baby, because when you end up feeding the baby after some time, you will see that your breasts will not have enough milk.c894171c60274a00a1b17042ea85fe0d?quality=uhq&resize=720

3 Make sure you have enough supplies for your baby

When a woman starts breastfeeding, she would need to eat regularly and consume more calories per day more than she did before giving birth to maintain her health and milk production.

4 Kneading your breast

Breast kneading can help to increase your milk supply. Massage around your breast and a bit further towards the nipple. Do it every day and you will see that your breast will produce more milk.

5 Foods

There are a lot of foods you can eat that will help to burst your breast milk supply. You can eat a balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, grains, and a small amount of fat and protein. Some other kinds of food are not good to eat during breastfeeding, foods as garlic, onions, etc.

6 Drink an excessive amount of water

Water is very important in our life, it is used for many purposes. Just as water is needed to do many things, it is also important that mothers who are breastfeeding should drink lots of water to enable their babies to feed properly.

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