7 Qualities Of Women Most Men Don't Joke With


When a man loves, he loves with all his heart. He will take good care of his woman and treat her with care. He won't take her lightly and he will be afraid to lose her most especially when she has some qualities.


As a woman, when you have some qualities, your man will be afraid to lose you. He won't want to lose you because he knows your worth and value. Dear women, most men are afraid to lose women with these 7 habits.

1. A woman that respects him.

Respect is one of the things a relationship needs to flourish. And this explains why men are afraid to lose a woman that respects them.

2. A woman that knows how to cook good food.

When a woman knows how to cook, she will be loved and adored by men. Most men don't joke with food and once they see a woman that knows how to cook, they won't joke with her.

3. An attractive woman.

When a woman is attractive both in and out, a man will be afraid to lose her. When you have a nice shape, body, and good looks, your mam will be afraid to lose you.

4. A woman that understands him.

A man will be afraid to lose you if you understand him better than anyone. If you understand the way he feels, his mood, and his emotions, he won't want to leave you alone. He will do anything to keep you around since you're the only one that understands him better.

5. An independent woman.

Independent women are hot cake to men. As a woman, if you don't depend on others to feed and take care of yourself, your man will be afraid to lose you. He will consider you as an asset that mustn't be lost.

6. A woman that supports him.

7. A woman that treats him with extraordinary care.

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