7 Signs A Guy Likes You More Than A Friend But He Is Too Afraid To Tell You



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Love is a weird feeling. You might be feeling this way at a given time and immediately, that feeling transcends into something else. If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you were not certain of the feelings your male friend has for you, here are some signs he likes you more than a friend, but he is too afraid to tell you.

1. He comes up with excuses to be alone with you. If you have a male friend, likely, the two of you usually hang out with a group of people of both genders. But when he tells you he wants the both of you to hang out alone, then something is definitely fishy. Reasons are maybe he is a shy guy. So, the only time he can really express his feelings towards you is when the both of you are alone. He will come up with different excuses to be alone with you because he knows he feels good whenever he is with you.

2. He treats you in a special way. If he is especially kind and polite to you and if he treats you differently than any other girl that is a part of your group, it is a definite sign that he feels something more for you. Most guys like this don't know how to hide their feelings, especially if they have a thing for you. It is left for you as the lady to either flow with the rhythm or not.

3. He is always interested in what you have to say at any point in time. Men are usually more straight forward, than women. If a guy likes you, he will likely be interested in what you have to say. When your male friend has caught some deeper feelings for you, he’ll pay extra attention to you.

4. He gets jealous of your other male friends. No matter how close of a relationship you have with your male friend, it is usual for him to be jealous of the guy or guys you’ve been seeing. He will be jealous when he sees you hanging around with your other male friends or buddies. He knows that he doesn’t have any real right to show you his jealousy, but he just can’t hide it, no matter how hard he tries.

5. He always tries to initiate contact. When your male friends likes you more than a friend, he tries to make contact. When the both of you are alone and are deep in a conversation, he will try to touch you either your hands or flick your hair. When you notice this, you need to have it at the back of your mind that your friend has caught feelings for you.

6. He is never busy for you.


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This man will always be available for you, even at odd hours. One of the surefire signs he likes you more than a friend is a fact that this guy always has time for you. Nothing and nobody could stop him from giving you his undivided attention.

7. He gets all nervous in your presence.


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When your male friend gets all nervous in your presence, it means he likes you and most guys who are a bit insecure feel nervous around someone they like. Guys put a lot of pressure on themselves when they like a girl. They want you to be physically attracted to them, even when they don’t think of themselves as physically attractive and they don’t want to do or say anything to make themselves look like an idiot or do or say anything that’ll ruin their chances with you. All of those things causes him major anxiety for most guys.

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