7 Signs That Your Eyes May Show You When You Are Not Healthy


The eyes is an important part of the body, and it plays the role of helping us to see. The eyes has diiferent parts, and each of them has its own function. The eyes is not just for seeing, but it can also talk about your health. When there are certain changes in your eye colour, it is important that you see a doctor to know the problem.


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This article will look at 7 things that your eyes may show you, when you are not healthy. They include the following:

1. White spots on your cornea

If you notice white spots on your cornea, then you may have an infection. This may happen to people who wear contact lenses, instead of glasses. It may be a sign of corneal infection.


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2. Blurred vision

When you start having blurred vision, it could mean that you have cataracts or macular degeneration. It can also signify that you may be having diabetes. It is important that you visit a doctor, when you start developing blurred vision.

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3. Excessive eye floaters in your vision

It is normal to see little specks move around your sight. Those things you see in your vision are called eye floaters. According to a research, when these eye floaters becomes too much, it could be a sign of retina tear.


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4. Puffy and red eyes

Having a red and puffy eyes doesn't always mean you have a serious health problem. It could mean that you are lacking sleep. When you don't sleep, it can make the eyes irritated and red.


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5. Yellow patch on the side of the eyes

If you notice a yellow patch on the side of your eyes, it could mean that you are staying under the sun too much. This is called pinguecula, and it is the abnormal growth of tissue on the conjunctiva. It can also be caused by dust going into the eyes.


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6. The white part of your eyes becomes yellow

The white part of the eyes is called sclera. When it becomes yellow in colour, it could mean that you have jaundice. Jaundice can happen to your eyes, when there is excessive bilirubin in your blood. This bilirubin is a yellow compound that is formed, when red blood cells breaks down in the body. When your liver cannot remove this compound, it makes your eyes yellow in colour. Sometimes, hepatitis can also make your eyes to appear yellow in colour.


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7. Broken blood vessels

Broken blood vessels appearing on your eyes may look worrying, but it may not mean something serious. It may mean that you are stressing your eyes too much, and it needs rest.


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It is important to take note of changes that occurs in your eyes. Some of these changes might be harmless, but you can visit a doctor if you are not comfortable with eyes.

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