7 Things A Girl Does When She Truly Loves You


Girls may not share their feelings upfront, but their actions often convey a lot more than their words. If you want to know if a girl truly loves you, you have to start by paying attention to the way she acts around you.


Here are the 7 things a girl does when she truly loves you.

1. She gives you lingering hugs:

The girl will hold on to you tightly when you hug and keeps you in her embrace a little longer than usual. If a girl is developing feelings for you, she will find comfort in being close to you. Her feelings for you will be growing stronger by the day.

2. The girl asks for your opinion about clothes:

Your opinion matters a lot to her, that's why she always asks for your opinion. She will want to involve you in all of her decisions, so she will always ask you to choose for her. The girl is trying to find out the type of clothes you like, and the ones that attract you.


3. Stands up for you:

Maybe, when you have the whole world against you, you will find out that she will be the only one standing with you, and standing up for you. She is ready to do anything just to defend you, or save you.

4. You get the stare when you dress up:

She will compliment you to let you know how handsome you look, and the way she does it will leave you feeling cherished, and valued. Her eyes will always be on you, especially when you dress up. She might think you are the most gorgeous man that ever lived.

5. She apologizes: This means she loves you and doesn’t want a stupid fight to ruin anything. She doesn't want to hurt you or make you feel unhappy.

6. The girl cooks for you:

She will make an effort to cook you your favorite meal, and would do anything to see that smile on your face. This is a sign that shows she truly loves you.


7. She sends you songs: She will share with you the songs that make her think of you, and it is her way of letting you know how she feels without saying it explicitly.

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