7 Things The Color Of Your Pee Can Be Telling You About Your Health


Peeing is something that every human being in the world has done and would continue to do for the rest of their life because it is one of the manners in which our body can pass out squander.

Many people may not know that the color of their pee tells a lot about their health status and what's going on inside their bodies.

In this article, I will be mentioning 7 things the color of your pee can be telling you about your health.

1 No color

When you pee and you see that it doesn't have any color, it means that you have been drinking a lot of water and that you need to reduce the amount of water you drink a bit.

2 Pale color

When the color of your pee looks pale in color it means that you are healthy and do not need to reduce or increase your intake of water.

3 Transparent yellow

Having a Transparent yellow means your intake of water is good, but you also need to eat a solid diet consistently and stay in shape to keep up with that sound way of life.

4 Dark yellow

When you see the color of your urine is dark yellow, that means you have not been drinking enough water. So you need to increase your intake of water to avoid having dark yellow urine.9bb26d3d3f724f4aa0b74caec8bc9048?quality=uhq&resize=720

5 Honey color

When your urine has a honey color, it implies that your body does not have enough water, which can make your body get dried out and make you very weak. So ensure that you take enough water to be hydrated.

6 Syrup color

When your pet has a syrup color, it means that you have a serious ailment called a liver infection, which is exceptionally awful for your well-being. You should visit a doctor when you notice you have such a color of urine and also make sure you drink enough water.

7 Orange color

You have a liver or bile pipe condition, which implies that you lack enough water in your body system. You need to visit a specialist to get checked.3bed4522b2b3483d90ce1bcb14cc3cda?quality=uhq&resize=720

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