7 Things Women Do That Men Find Hard To Resist



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There are lot of things men find hard to resit in women. Have you ever wonder why men gaze? Well that answer lies within the heart of a man when they see an attractive woman. That is why when they see an attractive lady, they are drawn to look at them even when they have someone in their life. Regardless of age, location and situation.

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But there are men who look for factors other than facial beauty and body physique in women. These men go head over heels when they see women doing things that differentiate them from other women. So ladies, if you want to attract a man towards you, carefully study these 7 things.

1. Men love when women play with their hair. This is one of the gesture that men find hard to resist. But this doesn't mean you should run your fingers in your hair throughout the day. Men love it when you fiddle your hair when you are nervous. They also love when the wind blows a few strands of hair on your face. Men find this irresistible.

2. Making Eye Contact: Men love when they make Eye Contact With a lady. Just imagine eating while maintaining Eye Contact With a lady. Men love it when you communicate with your eyes.

3. Stealing glances: This is one of the things men find hard to resist, especially when they notice you are looking at them. To steal steal glances means to look at someone or something very quickly and discreetly. Men too love the feeling of being wanted. The moment they come to know you have been secretly crushing over them, men will feel attracted towards you.

4. Bitting their lips: Men find this particular action irresistible, especially when it is coming from a lady. As a lady, when you bite your lips, notice his reaction. You will observe that when you bite your lips, it makes the man weak and they become smitten by you.

5. Being original: Men love ladies who are true to themselves and who are comfortable with their individuality. Men dislike a lady who pretends to be someone she isn't. If you were successful in deceiving him at first, the moment he finds about it, they will feel betrayed and would no more be interested in you.

6. Wearing confidence: Men find it hard to resist women who are confident, infact they find them attractive. When you are confident as a woman, it shows you are capable of taking decisions on your own without the help of others. Men see confident women as potential life partners.

7. Being playful at times: Men love women who let their inner kid come out by through little sweet things. They love women who are still young at hearts and can laugh loudly at their jokes. This makes them feel important and special. Just like the popular saying goes; "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy".

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