7 Ways to Avoid Sleepiness While Reading

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Feeling sleepy while reading has become one of the things most people has experienced. It has become the common belief of most Nigerians to think that this is "fetish".


But according to research from Healthline.com, it is a natural thing that can happen to anyone. This is usually if there is excess stress which you went through during the day in class. But It is now upto you to fight off that feeling and stay awake.

Well according to other studies on Healthline.com, there are some things you can do to avoid sleepiness while readiness

In this article, I am going to be talking about 7 ways to solve this problem.

1. Keep moving around

Movement has been proven to be a top energy booster. It may help relieve exam stress and improve your ability to actually remember what you studied that night. This is because some people after reading don't even remember what they stayed awake to study.

For students with mathematical problems, it is suggested that they take a walk for a couple of minutes as it will help improve your ability to solve mathematical problems.

2. Let the room be full of light

Don't say you want to read and stay in a dark room. Light helps to attune the body and mind. This is because light and sleep are indirect but there are also high possibility of a person feeling sleepy even in a well lit room.

Studies show that when you want to read, don't just use a lamp, try to make the place more light filled as it promotes wakefulness.

3. Sit Upright or just keep standing

When you want to read, there might be a tendency for you to feel comfortable, this is one step to promoting sleepiness. Sitting upright will help you be alert.

But if you are just reading a note, you can stand, if the urge to sleep is too strong for you. Standing and moving around helps boost blood circulation thereby reducing the urge to sleep.

4. Don't stay in your room

It is best that you avoid the place associated with your sleep which could leave you drowsy. For students, if possible, study in the library, classroom or at home, some where away from your bedroom.

5. Make sure you take enough water


Feeling sleepy could also mean you are dehydrated, the way to solve this is by taking more water. Being dehydrated could lead to difficulty studying.

Although the amount of water varies from person to person, it is recommended for an average person to take half a gallon of water.

6. Don't forget to eat

What and how much you eat affects your energy level. It is really tempting to be taking a snack while studying, this is not advisable.

Taking soda and snacks right before reading could lead to a spike in your blood sugar after which it will crash leading to the individual feeling sluggish and tried.

On the other hand, if you forget to eat, you will find yourself dozing off. It is recommended that when eating, make sure your foods contains protein like oven fresh chicken, eggs complex carbohydrate like beans, whole wheat rice and healthy fat like olive oil, avocado oil or even egg.

7. Get Quality sleep before your study

Getting quality sleep before study time will help you work on your mood and attitude. This will help you to focus more and reduce the urge of sleep that will surely arise along the line.

Source of article: Healthline.com

Content created and supplied by: StayHealthy (via Opera News )

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