9 Reasons Why Some Men Want A Mother Figure Beside Them


3e77ceb224c24507ba4d24ab36a0417f?quality=uhq&resize=720Just because a man appears to be a man on the outside doesn't guarantee he is one on the inside. What happens on the outside will have very little bearing on what happens on the inside.

Even while his physical appearance will give the idea that he is a male, this does not imply that his behavior will. His actions will then reveal what is going on inside him. Below are some reasons why many men will look forward to having a mother figure beside them – 

1. Two Personal Experiences

While he might be conscious that he feels like just a boy, there's also the possibility that he isn't. If he is mindful of this, he may decide to investigate what he can do to alter his feelings. This will allow him to emotionally mature and develop into a strong man as a result of his actions. However, if he hasn't been able to take a step back and accept how he feels as a normal part of himself, his life is unlikely to alter.

2. A Personality

Because he has been feeling this way for so long, it will never occur to him that he is a guy. The emotional experience he has will then be accepted as a part of who he is. Even said, this does not rule out the possibility of his becoming upset and furious at some point in his life. However, if this occurs, it may not be long until he feels low and even dejected.

3. A Difficult Life

It's possible that he's used to being trampled on by people as a result of how he thinks and how he sees himself and the world. This indicates that standing his ground is a difficult task for him. He may also be without a sense of direction, unsure of what he wants to do with his life. As a result, just because he has a job doesn't imply he'll feel like he's on the proper track.

4. Moving Up and Down

If his feelings are out of whack in general, this will be another area of his life where he has issues. The emotional component of his personality will not be on his side; in fact, it will work against him. As a result, he may rely on a variety of items in the outside world to soothe his feelings. For example, he may do this by responding to porn and/or using drugs.

5. An Attractive Attraction

When it comes to the type of woman that a guy like this is attracted to, it is doubtful to be a highly feminine woman. The reason for this is because this man will seek a lady who possesses qualities that he lacks. This is not to suggest that he will be fully aware of the types of women he is drawn to, as this may be something he hasn't considered. Even if he isn't aware of the type of women he is attracted to, if he considers the types of women he has been with or drawn to through the years, it may become evident.

6. A Closer Look

Because he lacks a sense of balance, is emotionally unstable, and struggles to assert himself, the woman he is drawn to may be able to help him with these issues. The woman will become increasingly attached to her male energy, while he will become increasingly attached to his feminine energy. A lady like this may look to be a strong woman from the outside, but this could just be an illusion. Instead, it's possible that this is a woman who has lost contact with her feminine side because she doesn't feel secure enough to embrace it.

7. A False-Self

The self she displays to the world is thus a mask that she wears to conceal her internal traumas. The type of man she ends up with will reflect back to her how she feels deep down. He will unconsciously regard her as someone who could offer him what he didn't have as a kid, and she will see in him the portion of herself that she has lost contact with and wants to be rescued, implying that both of them will be emotionally immature and unable to be aware of the relationship. Both of them will be performing a role, making it nearly hard for them to form a strong bond.

8. The Way Forward

In order for a man like this to find a lady who understands her feminine side, he must first embrace his masculine side. He will no longer look to a woman for direction, to soothe his feelings, or to sort out his issues if he works through his own inner scars.

After this, he will be capable of attracting a lady who has embraced her feminine side and feels safe enough to be vulnerable in his presence. There may be times when he mistakenly believes she is his mother, but a large part of him knows she isn't.

9. Awareness

If a man seeks out a mother figure, it could indicate that his mom and dad were emotionally inaccessible to him during his childhood. He would not have received the love he required from his mother or the instruction he required from his father.

When it comes to repairing the early harm, a man may need to enlist the help of others. This is something that could be accomplished with the help of a therapist or healer.

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