A Romantic Boyfriend is only meant for girls that are thick – Dan Dizzy

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Everyone has his own preference for a lady and also has a particular category in which he classifies each girl. Over time, many guys seem to prefer ladies that are tall and slim, while some other guys prefer those that are thick.

Musical artist Dan Dizzy took to his twitter handle to reveal his preference for a lady, and also what could make him become romantic with a lady, but in a different way. According to him, in the Pidgin language, romantic boyfriends are only meant for thick ladies, while the slim ones he didn't say anything about, but indirectly meant the reverse.



Whichever category you belong to, doesn't make you less of a woman. What you should rather focus on more, is being loved, cared for and having a mutual understanding with your partner. 

Every guy is romantic in his own way, and unlocking that side of him requires extra attention from the lady he's in a relationship with.


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