Alusi N’eje Uka: The Rise And Fall Of Eddy Nawgu, The Man Who Claimed To Be Half Man, Half Spirit


Many days are for the thief, and one day is for the owner. No matter how smart an evil man thinks he is, nemesis will surely catch up with him. Karma always serves the best menu and whatever a man sows, that he shall reap. If you do good, good will follow you and if you chose to do bad, a bad end awaits you. No matter how one covers his or her evil, there is surely a day of reckoning because there is nothing hidden under the sun and the walls have ears.

In my article today, I would be taking you down memory lane as I share with you a story of a man who perpetrated all kinds of evil; and committed atrocities while claiming to be a prophet of God. You all need to be wary of false prophets, they are wolves in sheep clothing, their words are as sweet as honey, smooth as a cream but full of deceit.

Who Is Eddy Nawgu?

Edwin Okeke is popularly known as Eddy Nawgu, in the mid-90s, declared that he was a prophet of the highest God. He got nicknamed “Eddie na Nawgu” because he hailed from the Nawgu community, a town situated in the Dunukofia LGA of Anambra State, Nigeria.

His Ministry

Eddy Nawgu, when he was 29 years old, out of nowhere, came out to claim that he had received a divine touch from God; and he could see and perceive things mortals can’t see. Shortly after he made this claim; he started his ministry and constructed a structure which he named “Anioma Healing Centre”. He nicknamed himself “Alusi N’eje Uka” which means the deity that goes to church; and also “Okala Mmadu, Okala Mmuo”; meaning half-man, half spirit.

The Rise Of Eddy Nawgu

Eddy Nawgu began to gain followers after stories of how he made so many people rich went viral. Many got deceived and thought he was a true man of God because of the miracles he performed. He prayed and preached just like every other prophet of God would do, but he was the talk of the town during his reign. While he was carrying out his evil, he forgot that nobody rules forever.


Like I said earlier, the walls have ears and there is nothing hidden under the sun. Rumors began to spread in the year 1999/2000, that Eddy Nawgu got his powers from evil altars, he was also accused of committing atrocious acts in his community and Anambra state as a whole. This rumor got the attention of Bakassi Boys, a vigilante group formed to curb out anarchy in the state. Bakassi boys weren’t just a mere vigilante group, they also had metaphysical powers which makes their missions easier.

Eddy Nawgu was accused of kidnapping; illegal possession of firearms and ritual killings. This made Bakassi boys tagged him as the most wanted on their list of Evildoers. The Bakassi boys had a tough one while trying to apprehend Eddy Nawgu. He overpowered and outsmarted them thirteen times, and they had to invite their supreme leader; Ngwuro to strip Eddy Nawgu off his mystics powers and bring him down.


[Eddy Nawgu | Credit: Wikipedia]

Eddy Nawgu was a dreaded sorcerer that reportedly defied the laws of physics. He was able to move from one point to another without walking physically. Eddy Nawgu used his mystics powers to make people confess to crimes they are not guilty of. His apprehension was tagged as the most difficult operation of the Bakassi boys. The Bakassi boys is a vigilante group that believes that whatever a man sows, he shall reap.

The Fall Of Eddy Nawgu

Eddie Nawgu, when apprehended on the 14th trial by the Bakassi boys, was taken to their base of operation where he was questioned and interrogated. His release to the Nigerian police was vehemently opposed as the Bakassi boys argued the police could easily be influenced.

According to Mr. Ngwuro, some high-profile government workers and officials whose names he didn’t disclose tried to work out his release but their efforts proved abortive. While Eddy Nawgu was held captive by Bakassi boys, he confessed that he was a ritualist; and he was later beheaded by the Bakassi Boys at the Ochanja Market in Anambra State, Nigeria. Eddy Nawgu is someone that wouldn’t be forgotten by the Anambra people, he did so many evils.


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