An unusual way to reduce stress


Stress has become an integral part of our lives. Short-term, mild stress is not harmful to human health and is even considered beneficial.



On the contrary, long-term, chronic stress causes serious damage to the human body and can lead to many diseases, including cardiovascular, endocrine, etc. promotes the development of diseases.

There are various methods that can be used to reduce stress. This includes listening to music, sports, hobbies, outdoor walks, physical activity and more. can be. Everyone chooses what suits him.

This article introduces readers to a less well-known and stress-reducing method. Andrei Kurpatov, a well-known Russian psychotherapist, said in an interview that scientific research shows that reading reduces stress very quickly and significantly. 

Six minutes after reading the book, stress is reduced by 60% and the person begins to feel more comfortable. The genre of the book plays no role here. It can be a detective, a sentimental novel or a serious scientific article. In any case, the book reduces stress.

The expert recommends choosing plain paper books, not electronic ones.  

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