Angel And Cross Looks Inseparable In The House, Here Are Pictures Of Moments Shared Together.


There have been many situation-ships in the house for the past few weeks, Angel and Cross has tongue waggling ever since their deep connection inside the Big Brother Naija house. People outside the house had been rooting for them to find love in each other arms, even after they declared that they are just friends who understand each other.37ef8b78b74f4ede9bdb7f7763fa2c2d?quality=uhq&resize=720

Angel had been linked to different guys in the house over the weeks, but her bond with cross keeps growing stronger by the hour. Angel is a beautiful woman who loves to flaunt her body structure out in public, she doesn’t fathom the idea of keeping her God given gift hidden in a clothing material.

People watching the show calls Cross a playboy, they claim he jumps from one woman to the other in the house. Yet, the chemistry between Angel and Cross cannot be denied, they kissed on numerous occasions, showing deep affection for one another.

Below are pictures of moments shared by these beautiful people, they got people rooting for them outside the house.4b40b36e6ef54592a1191e14bdce559b?quality=uhq&resize=7205091b539a9ca4550b5aae33e8170114a?quality=uhq&resize=7204f1821ae482243a58d5d5ac68b917a54?quality=uhq&resize=720




8731b91bca5b4acf83803e512a9f0904?quality=uhq&resize=720fe820822f09a4a4e8d36ce62e1ebc5b6?quality=uhq&resize=720They look cute and together, making people wish for them to start a romantic relationship with together. Many began to question Cross supposed feeling for Saskay, since he drifted and always seen giving companionship to Angel.

Over to my readers, what is your thoughts on their relationship in the house?

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