Avoid Asking a Lady These 3 Questions When You Approach Her


One of the first things you should consider when you approach a girl is that she is not the one in love, you are. So taking note of that, you should be sure that there are certain questions that will sound silly to her.


Not all men take note of this that is why they get rejected by ladies multiple times. A satisfactory question like (what's your favourite place to go?) might spark a loving discussion.

So when you approach a girl, avoid asking these questions.

1. Do You Have a Boyfriend?

Merely looking at it, you will even feel surprised. Ladies don't really pay much attention to strangers, this is because many stop them on the road every day.

You will be like a normal stranger to her. When you approach her and start asking questions like "Do you have a Boyfriend?" will really make a wrong impression about you.

Most ladies answer "yes" just to ward off strangers asking for their friendship or number.

2. How old are You?

At the first approach, if you start asking a lady about her age, it will surely sound strange and weird to her.

Don't rush into asking for her age, wait for her, overtime when your relationship gets a little bit stronger, she will ask for yours and you will ask for hers too.

3. Don't go in too Deep into her previous relationships

When approaching a lady for the first time, asking her about her previous relationship is inappropriate.

Even if you do ask questions like (have you been in a relationship before?) don't go in deep into stories of her past relationships.

As time passes on, she should be the one telling you about her former relationships.

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