Can Contact lenses put the eye at risk?


Contact lenses are thin lenses placed directly on the surface of the eyes, most times people wear them for fashion purposes.

They comprise hard, soft, daily wear, and extended wear. These may be quite safe however occasionally, serious problems may occur.

A good number of women wear contact lenses for fashion or medical reasons.

Some of the most common concerns include;



Eye pain

Swollen eyes

Light insensitivity

Blurry vision


Corneal ulcers 

Inflammation of the cornea

The cornea's function is to protect the eye and helps focus light on the back of the eye, enabling clearer vision. It rarely harms the eye but sleeping in contacts not intended for extended wear can cause infection of the cornea.


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Safety tips to consider when wearing contact lenses:

Ask an eye doctor which solutions are suitable for use. Store them in a cool place.

Endeavor to wash hands well before touching the contact lenses.

Don’t let hand creams or makeup come into contact with lenses. 

Keep the lens case clean and dry between usage, and replace often as directed by your eye doctor.

Go for an eye examination at least once a year.

Avoid putting the contacts in the mouth or spit on them.

Though minor irritation may disappear within a day or two, stop wearing your contacts and call an eye doctor if it's severe or has persistent symptoms. Usually, this requires urgent examination by an ophthalmologist.

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