Causes Of Liver Disease And Ways To Avoid Them


Liver plays an important role in every human life. Because the liver is one of the essential organ of the body. It main functions is the digesting of food, blood clotting and getting rid of your body toxic substances.There are signs which you need to take note of when it comes to the liver problem such as vomiting, loss of appetite, and body itchy and many more.

Some liver disease are inherited while others can be developed as a result of the daily lifestyles you keep such as indulging in alcohol consumption,and been overweight etc.

Liver disease are been caused by the following;

I.Bacterials: There are numerous viruses that causes inflammation of the liver which slow down the daily performance of the liver. This virus can be contacted through blood, contaminated foods or through someone who already have the virus.

2.Genetics factor: There are also some viruses that can be caused through inheritance either from parents or your loved ones.

3.Excessive use of alcohol: Abuse of alcohol is the most common causes of liver disease. Consuming alcohol excessively is very bad for the liver because it causes inflammation.

4.Abuse Of drugs: The liver cells can also be inflamed as a result of some drugs that you take.

5.Hepatitis C: This is mostly caused by infected blood, infected body fluids and other sexual Intercourse viruses.

However, there are ways whereby liver disease can be prevented or taken care of.

1.Maintain a normal body weight: Been overweight induces391a5057a3eb465f9c5e8b9d82903016?quality=uhq&resize=720 liver problems so it is always advisable to maintain a balance weight.

2.Maintain a healthy lifestyles: Stop taking alcohol, do regular exercise, avoid touching contaminated objects, use contraceptives when having an intercourse, and eat healthy and balance foods.

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