Check Out Conversations Of Kunle Afod's Wife And A Troll Over Her Husband


29a14f115d5242e1b2b6206ca66c8be9?quality=uhq&resize=7207bb4a94a4d864a0789f69ec62472d208?quality=uhq&resize=720Kunle Afod's wife, Desola Afod has taken to her official social media handle to share the conversations she had with a troll. The troll confronted her and said, why does she want to kill herself over a man that doesn't love her. Also, the troll said her husband has another wife in Ibadan. And that she's currently pregnant and they are planning their engagement ceremony.3ed4515b015c409b8da45d8aca2c4b18?quality=uhq&resize=720

This statement got Desola Afod angry and she immediately lambasted the troll. She replied the hater saying, she loves her husband and doesn't need him to love her.

Her husband, Kunle Afod has also reacted to these heated conversations. He replied to his wife saying, "Just remember, I'm for you till eternity. Love you to the moon. Why are you giving idiots free adverts". And his wife responded to his statement saying, "It's not by social media. I know. Don't stress yourself my darling".8fad6972e9ae4d0bafefe2094c3ad73b?quality=uhq&resize=720

These conversations sparked reactions online as fans condemned the troll for badmouthing their marriage.

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