Check Out The Healthiest Portions Of Beef Everybody Can Eat


Sometimes it may be frustrating to cope with multiple 'don't' when it comes to what to eat. Some people love beef or pork and may not feel comfortable reading articles everyday that says don't eat them.

The truth is that the saturated fats in some portions of beef and pork or mutton makes them a serious health risk for humans. There is nothing wrong with meat itself.

While some portions of red meat such as beef, pork and mutton some parts are also considered lean. The instruction is that the best meat for human beings is lean meat whether they have diabetes,high blood pressure or not.

What then is lean meat?

According to UK ,lean meat refers to meats with relatively low fat content such as skinless chicken, turkey, and red meat such as pork chops with the fats trimmed off.

The USDA defines lean meat as any 3.5 ounces serving or 100g serving that contains less than 10 g total fats and not more than 4.5g saturated fats content.


This means that lean meat can be anything from fish to chicken to beef provided the total fats content didn't exceed 10 percent ànd the saturated fats did not exceed 4.5 percent.

If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, you must eat only lean meat because of your health. Below are the portions of beef that qualify as lean meat:

1. Loin.

According to health line, if you are buying fresh meats that doesn't have nutrition label certain words tell you they are lean ' loin' and ''round' examples sirloin and tenderloin steaks are lean meat.26d283d7f66c4bcbb5f7cad956c67a39?quality=uhq&resize=720

Source: Mayo clinic

The image of cow above is used to explain the portions of beef that are lean which experts say you may eat in moderation. You can see the portion labelled short loin that is where the tender loin steak is.



Above are images of sirloin steak and tenderloin steaks. They are good for everyone.

2. Eye of round roast and round steak.


The images above shows eye of round steak or roast. The portions of beef above are lean meat and good for everyone.

The portion around the thighs marked with purple color in the diagram are lean, the fat content is very low. The are called round roast or steak

3. Flank steak and brisket flat half.

You can see see the brisket flat half in the diagram it is very lean according to the health line. Run away from the ribs, there is no lean meat there.

I took time to research and present this lean beef because a serving of lean beef is an excellent source of B vitamins, selenium and zinc and there is no reason running away from it.

Source of information health line.

Content created and supplied by: StayHealthy (via Opera News )


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