Checkout What A Wounded Soldier Did When The Chief Of Army Staff Paid Him A Visit At The Hospital


When men of the Nigerian Army are sent on missions, casualties may be recorded. 

As a result of these casualties, some Soldiers get transferred from the war zone to a hospital where they are treated by Medical Practitioners. Lately, the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Farouk Yahaya, was at the hospital to pay a visit to some wounded soldiers. During the visit, one of the wounded soldiers did something that got him praises from many Nigerians. Checkout the picture below to see what the wounded soldier did when the Chief of Army Staff paid him a visit at the hospital.


In the picture above, the wounded soldier is seen saluting his boss to show how loyal to the core he is. Irrespective of his current state, he feels there is a need for him to always salute his Boss. When Nigerians saw this, it led to prayers and words of encouragement. Checkout the screenshots below to see how people encouraged the wounded soldier.


Having read some of the comments of those who came across the picture of the wounded soldier saluting his Boss, checkout more pictures of other wounded Soldiers who were at the hospital too during the Chief of Army Staff’s visit.


It was a touching moment between the Chief of Army Staff and the wounded Personnels. While with them, he assured them that they would adequately be well treated and their interests would definitely be at heart. The Chief of Army Staff made it clear to the wounded Soldiers that for some of them who deserve being transferred abroad for treatment, plans are already in place to make that a reality.

According to Onyema Nwachukwu, the Army’s Public Relations Director, the Chief of Army Staff made some donations to the wounded soldiers during his visit. He also said special treatment faculties shall be built to avoid flying future wounded Soldiers abroad.


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