Covid: Single jab recommended for 12-15 year olds by UK's top doctors


The UK's top medical officers recommend that healthy youngsters aged 12 to 15 receive one dose of the Covid vaccination. 

It would help prevent disruption in schooling, according to the CMOs. 

It comes after the government's vaccine committee decided there wasn't enough value for it to be justified solely on health grounds, but that ministers might consider other reasons. 

Given that the virus was expected to spread over the winter, the CMOs felt that this swayed the scale. 


While school closures are unlikely, they say that disruption to face-to-face education will continue since students and teachers who test positive must be isolated for ten days.

The CMOs warned governments in a letter that missing face-to-face education has a "huge impact" on children's physical, emotional, and life possibilities. 


In the review, only direct benefits to children were assessed, rather than the wider societal impact. 


Ministers must now decide whether or not to accept the four CMOs' recommendations. 


Children will be given the Pfizer vaccine if they consent. 


The vaccination is likely to be administered in schools, with approval from parents required. 


If a child and parent have different viewpoints and the youngster is deemed competent to make a decision, the child will have the last word. 


What kind of effect might this have on school disruption?

The CMOs stated that it was impossible to know with certainty how much vaccination would lessen school disruption; nevertheless, modeling conducted as part of the evaluation estimated that it could prevent anywhere from 3,000 to 80,000 cases in the coming months. 


The immunizations are less effective against the Delta version of coronavirus than they were against prior variations in preventing infection. 


According to estimates, more than half of secondary school students may have already been infected and developed natural immunity. 


However, they concluded that the benefits of minimizing disruption and the harm it caused provided "significant additional benefit" to justify extending vaccination to healthy children.

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health applauded the decision, but cautioned that it would not be a "silver bullet" for resolving the problem. 


Routine testing of youngsters without symptoms, according to the college, should be abolished. 


"Instead, pupils should only be checked if they develop Covid symptoms. At the same time, kids should not attend to school if they are sick, just as they should not go to school if they are sick with other infections "It added a statement to the mix. 


It was also "very crucial" that the Covid immunization did not conflict with other vaccination programs with "clearer" health advantages.

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