Dear Ladies, Here Are 4 Signs He May Be Having A Crush On You


When it comes to love and science, men, in particular, are not often eager to express their feelings. You need Einstein's mathematical accuracy and laser focus abilities in order to understand what a man is truly thinking.

When it comes to their emotions, they are not very expressive, and attempting to estimate their feelings is a science in and of itself.

In order to determine whether a man has feelings for you, pay attention to his body language. Look for clues such as the tone of his voice, the way he wraps his arms around you, the expression on his face, and how his legs are crossed.

Right below are four signs you could use to know if he may be having a crush on you. 5f86a55ca8f340839d9963de4686313f?quality=uhq&resize=720Photo Credit: Freepik

1. Always keep a smile on your face: If a man has a crush on you, he will always keep a smile on your face. Smiles are one of those things which brings joy and happiness in a relationship, and when you've noticed that a man always smiles around you, then that man may be having a crush on you.

Smiling does not necessarily mean that he may be having a crush on you, but when you see joy and happiness in his smile, then you should be convinced that he may be crushing on you. Is it that he's always happy and usually feels the positive energy each time he is around you?

If care is not taken, the man might also want to make a good impression by making you laugh to create rapport and make you feel good when you're with him. While being with the man, it is smart to watch out for some things. Try to notice if you can see him bringing out those positive vibes when he is around you. 87b6a1f163bb4f9d9899068e71275b1a?quality=uhq&resize=720Photo Credit: Freepik

2. He is always available for you: If a man is always available for you, it's a clear sign that he may be having a crush on you. It's normal for a man to have a conversation with you, but when you notice that he is always available for you even when it's not too necessary, then he may be having a crush on you. 

A man who is always willing to spend all of his time with you is one who loves you dearly. And if this man is not your lover or partner, then it's quite evident that he may be having a crush on you. He will love you both to spend a memorable time together, and that's why he is always available for you. 

Do you think it's easy for a man to sacrifice his time and energy to be there for you? It's not always too easy because they are not all men that can do it. But when you have seen a man who is ready to sacrifice his time and energy just for you, then that man may be having a crush on you. 8b8b941a080d48aaaa5eaf28ae7e1943?quality=uhq&resize=720Photo Credit: Freepik

Also, when a guy may be having a crush on you, he will come running when you call him no matter what. If you need a shoulder to cry on at 2 am, he will be there. 

3. He always stares at you: One of the signs that a man has a crush on you is that he constantly stares at you. And just when he is staring at you, maybe at your beauty or body size, you will catch him staring at you. 

There is always a reason why men stare at women. Is it because of their character, beauty, attitude, weight or body features? For a guy to be staring at you when no one is looking clearly indicates that he has feelings for you. Even while he may be doing this, it will get to a point where you might catch him staring at you.

His attention always drifts to you, and he can't seem to control it; he'll stare at you whenever he feels no one is watching until he gets caught. If he's a shy type, he will look away. But if he is not a shy type, he will definitely look you in the eye, and who knows if he might let his feelings down on you? a1251619b38547ad928c5ba94b1e6c5c?quality=uhq&resize=720Photo Credit: Freepik

4. He tries to impress you: Another sign that a man has a crush on you is that he tries to impress you. A man who needs you in his life will always attempt to impress you. Even when he may not meet your standards, you will still see him trying to impress you.

Come to think of it. A man can only impress a lady with whom he has feelings and is attracted.If he doesn't have feelings for you, he won't bother to impress you. And that's why if a man goes the extra mile to impress you, then it means he has a thing for you. 

Most times, he might be trying to show off and make you feel as if he is special and worth your time. But you know what? He may even end up overdoing it and make a mess, but he will at least try to impress you. If he has a crush on you, he might go as far as holding the door for you. He may also pull out your chair and try to make you feel special. 2077dd9a57354460a4883ed2f98f2c63?quality=uhq&resize=720Photo Credit: Qualih

Also, just as illustrated in the picture above, when a man is always comfortable playing with you, it could be a sign that he may be having a crush on you. Not all men play with women, but if this man enjoys playing with you, most likely by making fun of you with pillows, he may have a crush on you.

The reason is that most men who play with women usually play with them mentally. Like, more of a mind game. So, if you come across a man who loves fun games, such as pillow fights, then he may have a crush on you. 


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