Deceptive Ways Some Men Use To Obtain S£x From Young Girls That You Need To Watch Out For


There's a need for the government, teachers, and parents to equip every female child with the basic knowledge of s*x education. Our society is no longer safe for the female child as they often fall victim in the hands of perverts who appear like an angel outside but are real demons inside. A lot of young girls have been deceived by men who entice them with pretentious items or sweet words to obtain s*x from them. However, it's crucial to discuss this topic and enlighten the general public on how to protect themselves from the horrible hands of s*x addicts who go about deceiving inexperienced girls.b4e6e4e60b534d70883bfa3199f173a9?quality=uhq&resize=720(Credit: Dreamstime Stock Photo)

Below are 3 deceptive ways most men use to obtain s*x from girls that you need to know and watch out for.

1. By proposing love to them (I love you).4483c697b78548ce9e3595e9f9c331f7?quality=uhq&resize=720

Men knew that the easiest way to get a girl is by proposing love and affection to her. The bad eggs among them usually take advantage of it to deceive young girls and flee as soon as they get intimate with them. As a lady, you must learn to zip up and be watchful of the kind of men you mingle with. This kind of man is hard to detect but can be avoided. Even if a man swears that he loves you, don't ever open your legs for him as long as he's not your husband.

2. By giving you gifts constantly: This is another deceptive way some men use to lure young girls to make love with them. If a man who's not your relative continues to buy gifts for you, you must caution yourself and reject those gifts. If not, you'll pay back one day. He might graduate to taking you out on a dinner date and later ask you to visit his house. Ensure that you pay attention to these signs if any man approaches you.

3. Giving you money unnecessary: Girls usually mistake this as an act of kindness but incidents in the past have shown that men use the money to entice young girls to obtain s*x from them. If a man gives you money without looking back, you should stay back and observe him. He will make you believe that he's just helping you but the truth is that he might be trying to buy your trust and strike at the right time.e7420060c4164b12a816d4bfe26ace4c?quality=uhq&resize=720

As a young girl, remember that if the society can not protect you, you must learn to protect yourself.

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