Do You Eat Fufu? Here Are The Reasons Some People React After Taken It


Fufu is a popular African food made from cassava. Many people are asking why they react to raw cassava fufu immediately after taking it.b89ba8d7c03a496f88068abbb72b10e7?quality=uhq&resize=720ddd2224284b74cd4acea858a389c4582?quality=uhq&resize=720

Cassava contains cyanide and which is the same acid in soya milk, this cyanic acid is highly toxic in the cells of blood group B people. The reason why Soya milk and raw cassava is dangerous for blood group B people. 

But I think it is this reaction to somebody spectrums that made our fore-parents found other ways of eating cassava.

By that, I mean that the dried powder of cassava (cassava flour) and garri are more manageable by your body cells than freshly pounded fufu. 

Unhygienically prepared foods from cassava can cause health hazards to like; skin reactions, for example, dots on the skin, oftentimes hives.

Cyanide poisoning can lower blood pressure, this happens to blood group B negative people as one of their genetic disorders.

Others include Dementia, Lungs disease, dizziness, mental confusion, stomach problems, diarrhoea, vomiting, paralysis.

Cyanide in the blood causes cells damage by preventing oxygen from entering the bloodstream. Deoxygenation occurs, leading to seizures, rapid respiratory problems, convulsion, brain and heart damage. 

In most African countries, cassava goes through many processes before use, during these processes, lots of these acids are drained off the cassava.

Also in Liberia, they eat roasted cassava and groundnuts, most of these cyanic acid gets drained during roasting.

Note, health researchers have advised that the cassava diet is most healthy when eaten with plenty of protein foods to balance cyanide calories in the body.

Cassava dried powder is most healthy for all blood types as it can help remove infirmities from the stomach. It is anti-inflammatory. 

Cassava is rich in Riboflavin, B2, a high amount of Manganese, triglycerides, iron, potassium, phosphorus and a small amount of Calcium.

All these nutrients become highly absorbed by the body when cassava is in dried powdered form, and by that, it becomes an anti-inflammatory food for the body.

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