Foods that help reduce the harmful effects caused after Smoking Cigarette


Smoking is a source of many problems, from heart, vascular and lung diseases to skin deformities and rapid aging. Thousands of people are aware of the dangers of smoking, but they do not give up nicotine.

Experts say that some foods can reduce the harmful effects of nicotine.



– Water

Water is one of the most effective means of removing nicotine from the body. Because water plays an important role in removing waste from the body.

– Carrot

Rich in carotenoid antioxidant compounds, the root is effective in clearing nicotine. Thanks to vitamin A, nicotine repairs skin damage 100 grams of carrots meet the daily requirement of vitamin A. Eating 1 carrot a day reduces the risk of lung cancer by 50%.



– Pumpkin

One cup of beta-carotene-rich pumpkin meets 35% of your daily vitamin A needs. It is effective in enriching the body of smokers with vitamins.

– Kiwi

Kiwi, which has twice as much vitamin C as orange, is a nicotine fighter. People who smoke are deficient in vitamins A, C and E. Therefore, they should eat plenty of kiwi. According to a study by Carcinogenesis, kiwi restricts oxidative damage to DNA and restores cells.



– Orange

Orange is a health depot of vitamin C, which has important health benefits, as well as phyto-chemicals and flavonoids that fight cancer. Increases blood circulation and renews blood.

– Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the foods that must be eaten to fight nicotine, which causes serious damage to the liver. Rich in vitamin C.

– Red cabbage

Black cabbage, which belongs to the radish family, is the enemy of cancer. Thanks to its antioxidant effect, it removes harmful substances, especially nicotine. Contains iron, calcium, potassium & magnesium

– Spinach

Another nicotine fighter is spinach. Rich in iron & folic acid Folic acid changes the taste of tobacco and prevents smoking.



– Beets

It is a magnificent source of iron and folic acid. It is the enemy of nicotine. It is a perfect tonic for the liver. Cleanses the blood.

– Ginger

Ginger has already become a legendary plant with its benefits to the body. Ginger, a miraculous food, is effective in cleansing the lungs. Changes the taste of cigarettes.

– Yellow ginger

A member of the ginger family, the currant has enough benefits to fill the encyclopedia. It is a complete liver friend. Even in India, it is said that there is no cancer because of carrots.

– Research Credit (Healthline)

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