Goodnews as 13-Year-Old Physically Challenged Girl Whose Mum Carries Around Gets a Wheelchair from Good Samaritan


In just over a month since Briefly News published the sad story of 13-yeat-old Yamkela Mafiyane from just outside of Mthatha who suffers a rare condition that left her lower limbs dysfunctional, a kind person reached out to help by donating a wheelchair.

Overjoyed Yamkela Mafiyane, 13, Finally receives her Wheelchair
Yamkela Mafiyane, 13, finally received a wheelchair after a Good Samaritan opened their heart and wallet.
Photos: Supplied
Source: UGC

Leading up to the delivery of the wheelchair this week, the family’s anonymous donor also helped with two grocery vouchers to the value of R2,000 (N57,242.41) each. The donor requested to remain anonymous but however, her amazing kindness will never go unappreciated.

The wheelchair was sent through a courier service into the family’s homestead in Mthatha with Yamkela’s mum over the moon rejoicing as the days of pushing her disabled daughter in a plastic washing tub are over.

She said:

“I have never thought that this would happen for me, I have no words on how I can thank the person who donated.”

These are words of Buyiswa Mafiyane expressing her happiness:

“Bendingubani mna bawo, ndibulela kulo sisi onobubele kangaka.”

A new dawn for the family

Telling Briefly News on how the wheelchair will help her daughter, Yamkela will now be able to move around the yard with the new wheelchair, which she is able to push herself. It is safe because it has a safety belt so she will not fall out.

For Yamkela to be able to receive the wheelchair so quickly after her mother was devastated with her situation, means a new dawn for the family as she will be able to leave her with other kids; life will be better.

The mother said the wheelchair is custom-designed for Yamkela’s body size and her condition.

With it, she will be able to comfortably move around the house and she can get to the TV and the fridge. The wheelchair is made for her to be able to move and do a few things without anyone’s help but under supervision.

The anonymous donor said:

“This wheelchair will change the young girl’s life for the better and for the greater into her own personal growth.”


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