Healthy Purple Juice That Can Lower Hypertension And Reduce High Blood Pressure


High blood pressure popularly known as hypertension can cause severe heart diseases, so it is very important for you to reverse it if you have a high reading. It will definitely interest you to know that there is a purple drink that can actually reduce high blood pressure in 6 hours after you take it. I know you may be wondering what this purple drink is, but I will be getting to that very soon. High blood pressure is usually caused by arteries getting narrow.


This consequently causes the heart to work harder in pumping blood to the rest of the body, causing your blood pressure to increase, which is something none of us want. A constant increase in blood pressure will eventually grow your risk of having heart disease. The name of the purple drink is “beetroot juice”. 



Beetroot juice is a juice that can actually help you counter high blood pressure, according to research. Many studies have shown that the consumption of beetroot juice can actually cause a reduction in high blood pressure and even reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems. I know you may be wondering where this beetroot juice comes from. They actually come from a sweet root vegetable known as a beet. It is considered as one of the superfoods, meaning that they are incredibly healthy and good for the body. It contains a compound known as nitrate that converts into nitric oxide, which results in a more relaxed blood vessel.


Let us check out some other health benefits of beetroot juice.

a) Improved Exercise Stamina: if you are the type that likes to exercise your body regularly, it will definitely interest you to know that beetroot juice can help boost and improve your physical stamina.

b) Slow Down Process Of Dementia: Dementia is a medical condition whereby old people tend to forget things, even their own relatives. But according to a 2011 study, the nitrates that are in beetroot juice may increase blood flow to old people’s brains, and help slow down their rate of dementia.


In case you are wondering where you can get beetroot juice, it can actually be gotten from any store or supermarket across Nigeria or any other country.


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