Here are 5 products that helps protect the liver, reduces the risk of fatty liver and inflammation


Nutrition has a huge impact on our health. Regular consumption of some products increases the risk of various diseases in humans.



For example, scientific studies show that daily consumption of products such as sausages and hot dogs, regular intake of sugar and sweets significantly increases the risk of vascular disease.

On the contrary, regular consumption of some products can protect the body from disease.

Experts have identified five key products that protect the health of the liver, reduce the risk of fatty liver and inflammation.

Here are the list of the products, with reference to the British Liver Trust.

1. Coffee. According to experts, daily consumption of coffee protects the liver from fibrosis, cirrhosis and cancer. Experts recommend drinking 1-2 cups of natural coffee every day to protect the health of the liver.

2. Green tea. Research in Japan has shown that drinking green tea daily can restore liver health. The catechins in green tea have a very positive effect on liver health, reducing inflammation in the liver.

3. All types of cabbage. Cabbage cleanses the cells of the liver, prevents liver obesity.

4. Sarıkök. This spice, which has a strong biologically active effect, accelerates and cleanses the liver.

5. Olive oil. Cleanses the liver and reduces the amount of fat in the liver.

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