Holding In Urine For Too Long Can Be Harmful, Here Are 2 Reasons Why You Should Not Do It



Do you know that holding in urine for too long can be hazardous to the body? Yes, very few people actually know about this but it's very true and is not something to take for granted. We are all fond of playing politeness in literally every thing while neglecting the health hazards that come with such politeness.

Urine is something purely natural and as such there should not be any reason for holding in urine for too long whether you are in an official setting or not. The truth remains that you have to empty your bladder once you feel the urge to do so no matter what you think you are doing at the moment, taking a one to two minutes excuse won't ruin whatever you're doing but ignoring or trying to hold in the urine can change your life for the worse. In this article, we are going to have a look at 2 major reasons why you should not hold in urine for too long. Just sit tight and learn something new from this piece.

Why You Shouldn't Hold In Urine for Too Long;

1. Bladder Bursting; as we all know the accumulation of liquid waste is done in the bladder i.e. fluids that are no longer needed by the body accumulates in the bladder as they accumulate, the individual's urge to urinate increases but ignoring the urge for too long can lead to bursting of your bladder when it gets to extreme point. This is why people are advised never to hold in urine no matter what they are doing at the moment. When the bladder bursts, it can be life-threatening, the person in question might even lose his or her life in the male of holding urine for long, so care less about what people would say and urinate when the urge arises.

2. Weakens the Bladder Muscles; holding your urine for too long can also cause another hazard. This is because when the bladder holds urine for too long, the muscles get weaker and as such can lead to urine incontinence or frequent urination afterwards. It can also cause another serious problem like making you feel like.you have not completely emptied your bladder each time you urinate; arising from the weakened bladder muscle. So make sure you don't hold urine for no clear and reasonable reason. Go to the restroom and ease yourself once the urge arises, there is nothing like being polite when it comes to things relating the natural state of Nature.

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