How a Punch to the Chest can sometimes save a person from death




A punch to the chest can sometimes save a person from death. In medicine, this is called a "precardiac shock."

According to Pubmed , precardiac shock is used for ambulance in case of cardiac arrest. It is part of emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation and is used in the absence of an electrical defibrillator.

Stroke is used when a person loses consciousness, stops pulse and breathing. However, it is necessary to know exactly the technique of precardiac stroke (this is taught in special courses). Otherwise, it will have no effect. Also, even if the victim's heart is beating, the blow can kill him.

The victim should lie on a flat solid surface. The resuscitator places the index and middle fingers below the victim's sternum and punches the area above the fingers quickly and forcefully (see Fig.). After that, a pulse should form in the carotid artery.



Experts consider precardiac shock to be very effective during emergency resuscitation. According to some reports, precardiac shock can save lives in 50-70% of cases.

This intervention does not apply to children under 8 years of age weighing less than 15 kg.

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