How To Have Effective Communication In Your Relationship


Communicating effectively is one of the things that can make your relationship keep moving smoothly. Sometimes you may have good intentions for saying something to your spouse, but if you do not know how to place your words, it may lead to misunderstanding between the two of you. It is one thing to have what to say, it is another thing to know how to say.

For instance, if your spouse is wearing clothes that are not that good to you and you want to correct him/her, it will be good that you call your spouse and whisper it in his/her hearing. But if you start saying in a way that others will hear it, asking him/her why he/she must wear the clothes. Your spouse will no longer see it as correction, at that point, it has turned from correction to insults and your spouse will not clap for you. He/she will possibly react in a way that you will not like. So knowing how to communicate effectively will help your relationship in a great way.

Below are some suggested ways to have effective communication in your relationship.798aa975bca84348aaca28fb3b3ffbed?quality=uhq&resize=720

1. Have a good approach while communicating with your spouse/lovers. Your wife is your wife, not your maid. Your husband is your husband, and not your friend or colleague. You must be conscious of this whenever you want to say something to your spouse.

2. Know the right time to pass your message. If you want to tell your husband about children's school fees, rent, or any other need. It will not be good if you table it before him as soon as he is coming back from work, your husband will react. Don't go to him to discuss important things when he is busy, e.g reading, etc. He may not give you the attention that you seek.

3. Set boundaries in your speech when you are angry. Consciously set boundaries for yourself whenever there is a misunderstanding between you and your spouse. Know what you will say and what you will never say. Don't sell your wife/husband out in the name of misunderstanding and by the way you talk. Don't be the reason why people will disrespect your spouse. Words are like raw eggs, once it out of your mouth, you cannot recover them anymore.

4. Make listening to a habit. You should have a listening ear for your spouse. When your spouse wants to tell you something, create time to listen to him/her. When you refuse to pay attention to your spouse, she will look for someone that will listen to her outside and the person may be a friend or an enemy. To avoid getting to that stage, listen to your spouse.

5. Keep distance from negative talkers. Anyone who will come to you to speak evil of your partner may not be wishing your union well. So stay away from false communications. Staying away from false communication includes minding the kind of movies you watch, people you listen and people you keep as friends.

In conclusion, words are powerful, and the way you use them on your spouse matters. It can calm your spouse and it can stir your spouse to anger. Communicating effective involves talking with the consciousness that you are talking to your spouse, the ability to be a good listener, and be able to shield your mind against gossipers.

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