How to make your girlfriend love you more than you love her


Some people argue that the best person to date or fall in love with is the person that loves you more than you love them. Some other people would argue that it is better to date someone who you love without comparing the level of love you get from them with the one you have for them. Whichever one you believe in, Mr_Counselor has talked about eleven ways you can make your girlfriend be into you and love you more than you love her in this article.


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1. Listen to respond when she's talking.

Women love men who give them attention by listening to whatever they have to say. But it is not enough to listen to your girlfriend for listening sake, or to fulfill all righteousness. You must listen to her to respond.

If their is always a responsorial from you whenever she talks, she will have more reasons to talk more, and of course, more reasons to love you more.

If you listen to respond, you are making your relationship more communicable. That is to say that you are boosting your relationship through communication which is one of the attributes of a healthy relationship.


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2. Make her feel involved by extending your response to a simple question or discussion.

For instance, when your girlfriend asks you, "how was your day", "how was work today", she expects more than just a " fine" or a " went well" from you. As simple as these questions are, she expects you to talk about virtually everything that happened at work on the said day, or virtually all the activities that took over your day.

Tell her about who you met today, your new friends and some funny things that happened at work. If you always have something to say in a relationship, you will always give her reasons to love you more.

3. Practice more of support than advises.

It is nice to advise your girlfriend whenever she is in need of it, but it is better to understand what she actually need at a particular time. Does she need an advise or just a cuddle or some few kisses on her face? Find out first before you proceed.

Your girlfriend may come to you crying, but she doesn't need any form of advise from you at all. All she may need is just to hold her hands or hold her close to your chest, wipe her tears and make her smile again.

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4. Take her out as often as possible.

Weekends are for party and merriment to some people. Make her see life this way. Always take her out to enjoy herself during weekends.

You don't have to plan out everything by yourself. Ask for her opinions and suggestions before deciding on where to go to. This will give her reasons to love you more.

5. Help her do some chores.

Girls love to see their boyfriends around them when they do some chores. Washing of plates, cooking or assisting her in the kitchen are ways you can boost her love for you. This will make her love you more than you love her.


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6. Compliment her beauty always.

You may not understand what compliment does to your girlfriend until you start complimenting her.

Generally, women love compliments. That s why they usually blush each time you remind them of how beautiful they are.

7. Be you and be real.

8. Keep her beautiful pictures on your phone. You can even set your favourite among them as your lock screen wallpaper.

9. Seek for her opinions and advises before making any decision. This shows that you value her, therefore, her love for you will increase as a result of this.

10. Don't compare her with your ex. Let your ex be a history.


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11. Leave her love notes or texts.

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