How to make your husband see and appreciate your value


Everyone, both men and women pray for the best partner who will understand them and appreciate their values no matter how small they are. Men always look for women who have values because a valueless woman has no positive contribution to the marriage. But sometimes, a woman's value may not be appreciated, especially when it is not evident. Therefore, as a woman, if you are sure that you have value and your husband does not appreciate it, here are what you should do to make him appreciate it.


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1. Start by showing appreciation for the little things he has done already.

One thing is to have some appreciable values, another thing is to be appreciated, but the most important thing is to appreciate your husband's values.

You must learn to live a selfless life. You can't depreciate your husband's values and expect him to value your own. This may not happen, especially if your husband is the jealous type.

Please, appreciate your husband's values. Recognize his values and look for the best way to make him understand that you appreciate his values in your life and your marriage.

2. Set good examples.

By setting good examples, we mean that you should do exactly what you want your husband to do. For instance, if you want your husband to say "thank you", it is important to always say that to him so that he will learn from you.

Don't conclude that he is old enough to know how to appreciate you. Not everyone knows how to show appreciation, but that doesn't mean that those who don't show appreciation doesn't appreciate. Just lead and your husband will follow your footsteps.

3. Be expectant of the best from him.

We usually get something when we hope for it, therefore, do not turn your face from appreciations. Be expectant of it so that when he finally appreciates, you won't push it away out of anger.

4. Respect him.

You must not disrespect your husband because he doesn't appreciate your value. As you keep your hope alive, continue showing respect to your husband. On a very good day, you may be surprised to discover that he has been noticing your values but decided to keep it on the low.

Do not be too bitter and too quick to disrespect your husband because you think that he does not notice your value. You can make him see and appreciate him by showing him respect.

5. Respect yourself.

Charity, they say begins at home. If you don't respect yourself, no one will know your value. No matter how important your value is, a single atom of disrespect is enough to rule it out. Therefore, you need to respect yourself before looking for some sorts of appreciation.

6. Tell him to appreciate you.

You can make him to appreciate you by telling him in a polite manner. Your husband may be carried away by so many things that he may not have time for you and what you have. Therefore, if your husband is such a busy man, you can drag him to see your value and appreciate it by simply telling him politely.

8. Do more.

In as much as you deserve some appreciations for anything you do no matter how small it is, but you need to do more sometimes to be appreciated. Kindly do more of what you have been doing, or change to something else in case you have been doing the wrong thing.

9. Appreciate how much you are valued already by your husband.

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