How to treat postpartum anemia



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Anemia significantly reduces immunological function which could be a concern if you plan to breastfeed your child. When the iron level is low in the body, problems like clogged milk ducts, thrush, a lengthier nipple healing time, and mastitis are possible. It's also possible that the quantity and quality of milk produced will decline which could shorten the duration of nursing and lead to weaning at a young age, resulting in low weight growth in babies. 

Here are ways to treat postpartum anemia

1 Iron supplement


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Taking iron supplements can help you get more iron in your blood. It is preferable to take the tablets, capsules, or tonics that your doctor has prescribed.

2 Tea consumption should be reduced.


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Tea includes tannin which is a substance that inhibits iron absorption in the human body. You are advised to limit tea consumption to at least a cup per day.

3 Drink a lot of water


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Staying hydrated after delivery is important because it aids in the recovery of blood flow. fluid intake reduces blood coagulation and aid in the relief of bloating that are produced by some iron supplements.

4 Vitamin C 


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Vitamin C-rich foods can help reduce anemia by increasing the amount of iron absorbed in the body and fruits are a great source of vitamin C.

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