“I cannot trade anybody in this house with my boyfriend” -Maria tells Nini and Peace.



Maria, Nini, and Peace are female housemates in the ongoing big brother Naija’s “shine your eyes“ show in Lagos, Nigeria.

A few minutes ago, the camera caught Peace, Ninj, and Maria in the executive lodge discussing. Nini gives reasons why she can never be with Saga. Maria decided to also spill her truth.

I have a relationship outside of the house. I don't want him to start feeling like I have something for Pere. I don't want us to get out of the house and have issues with my man. I can never trade any guy in this house with my boyfriend. God forbid. – Maria says.

As expected, this got a lot of people talking on social media. The first talking point on social media was when Maria said she has a boyfriend outside of the house.

See more reactions via the screenshots provided below.


What did you make of this?

Content created and supplied by: Sisiterga (via Opera News )


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