I sold my trucks to pay Davido’s fees, yet he never promoted my song – Record label owner alleges


Andrew Cornelius, a record label owner has called out singer Davido on Instagram for not acknowledging the music they produced together. The record label owner also accused the late Obama DMW of complicity In the Issue.
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He made this announcement on his Instagram story. You can click on this link to read the full details about his accusations. Below Is a full account of what transpired between the record label owner and Davido as reported by the Andrew Cornelius.
Why he sought Davido for collaboration
Andrew Cornelius, the owner of bishoprex studio has a litany of upcoming artistes In his record label. According to him, ge wanted Tasha to be famous and prominent In the Nigerian music Industry. Therefore, he thought that a collaboration with Davido will make her achieve such level of prominence.
The Contract with Davido
The record label said he was told by Davido’s aide that Davido doesn’t feature In a song except that his music producer (Sperouch) make the beat. Andrew Cornelius claimed that he paid Sperouch #500K for producing the beat.
After the beat was made, Cornelius claimed that one of Davido’s close aide (Tycoon) Informed him that Davido charge millions of Naira before featuring In a song. After bargaining with him, Cornelius claimed that he paid a sum of 2.5million Naira to feature Davido In the song.
The song was then produced In December 2019. It was planned that the video shoot will take place In January 2020. However, Cornelius mentioned that he was asked to pay sum of #5 million Naira again before Davido can feature In the music video. In addition, Cornelius also claimed that he was mandated to use Davido’s music director (Dammy Twitch) before Davido will appear In the location.
Why he accepted the offer
Andrew Cornelius noted that he was perplexed at the fees of featuring Davido In the music video. He noted that he agreed to pay the money because Davido had proposed to sign his artiste In DMW. He felt sure that It’s an opportunity for Tasha to be brought Into limelight.
The bone of contention
According to the record label owner, Davido asked him to meet the late Obama DMW for all the required process. However, Cornelius claimed that the late Davido’s aide stopped picking his calls. Upon enquiry, he got to know that Davido wasn’t Interested In signing his artiste again. That was why he was asked to pay #5 million.
Andrew Cornelius explained that he tried to raise the money and paid Davido. True to his word, Davido appeared for the video shoot and the video was made.
Two days before the released of the video, Andrew claimed that his artiste got a threatening message from the late Obama DMW. According to him, Obama DMW Instructed them not to release the song unless he Is paid some money. Andrew Cornelius explained that he Ignored the threats and went ahead to release the song.
He however added that he later gave a personal call to Obama DMW about the Issue. He also added that they reached a compromise abd he paid him the money he requested for. Unbeknownst to him, he has allegedly told Davido not to repost the song on his social media handles. Cornelius noted that Davido Initially posted the song on his Instagram story but he later removed It.
Andrew Cornelius also explained that he and his artiste paid Davido a homage visit when he returned from his US tour Immediately after the pandemic. However, he added that Davido didn’t attend to them like before anymore. One of Davido’s boys (Dayo) asked him to pay a sum of #1 million before Davido can promote the music on his social media handles. He claimed that he paid that money again through Yemight. He added that he also offered to pay Tunde Ednut some money In order to promote the song but he declined.
“I’m not here for any clout chasing. I sold one of my trucks just to pay Davido’s fees, yet he refused to post the song till now.” He wrote.
Why he’s calling out Davido now
Andrew Cornelius noted that he had a dream and saw the late Obama DMW In his dream. He claimed that Obama DMW apologized to him In the dream. He readily forgave him In the dream. Therefore, he’s seeking peace with Davido.


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