If You Are Having Issues Urinating, Here Are 7 Foods That May Help You


Sometimes we feel puffy, maybe because we took a very salty food or for some other reasons. Some people may even notice a swollen foot after sitting down for some hours.

This condition is called edema in medical terms. Some may be caused by serious health problems that may relate to heart or kidney problems.

There are drugs in the market which doctors may prescribe for people who may need to pee more frequently. They are called diuretics. But we want to talk about the ones given to us by nature.


These fruits can serve as natural diuretics:

1 Watermelon.

Watermelon contain a lot of water and lycopene. It is good fruit that can produce a cooling effect on our body. But it also serves as a natural diuretics since it can help the body to release more fluid.

2. Cucumbers.


Cucumbers also contain a lot of water, fiber and natural antioxidants. They are rich in potassium which can help the kidneys to release more urine.

Furthermore, sliced cucumbers can be used to eliminate or treat puffy eyes.

3. Beetroot.

Beets are loaded with potassium and magnesium which can help to reduce water retention in the body. They can also help to prevent inflammation in the body.

4. Cabbage.


Cabbage the popular cruciferous vegetable we use in preparing our salads is a natural diuretic. That is they can help our kidneys to release more urine thereby eliminating excess salt from the body.

Cabbage also contain anthocyanin which also makes the an antiinflammatory substance.

5. Celery.


Celery is a vegetable that is also being sold in the salad market. It is one of the components that are used in salad. It is also a natural diuretic..

The uric acid content in celery is inhibited by cox inhibitors in celery that is why it is used to treat gout edema which is caused by the accumulation of uric acid in the gout.

6. Garlic.

Garlic is a popular spice which belongs to the allium family with onion and leeks. It contains allicin, the active ingredient which is responsible for its smell and taste. It has been proven to be a natural diuretic.

7. Parsley.


Parsley is a popular plant that has been used as tea. It is a natural diuretic.

Conclusion: If you notice swelling that is serious in your body report to your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. Because knowing the underlying cause of sicknesses is important for thorough recovery.

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