If You Notice These 3 Signs In Your Body You Need To Stop Drinking Cold Water.



Its no secret that so many people are addicted to drinking cold water. Chilled water, also known as cold water is definitely not healthy for regular consumption. And its not advisable for a person to drink this cold water immediately after having a meal, especially if its a meal that contains fats and oil. Cold water solidifies fat in the body and makes it very difficult to break down. And we all know what happens to a person when they have excess amount of fat in their body system. 


This and many reasons is enough for a person to cut down on their intake of cold water. It could also damage the body's immune system in so many ways so always try as much as possible to drink water at room temperature, neither warm, nor cold. In this article, I'm going to tell you guys 3 bad signs in your body that indicates you need to stop drinking cold water very often. See them below;

If You Notice These 3 Signs In Your Body You Need To Stop Drinking Cold Water.

1. Sore Throat. 


There is lots of evidence from studies and research showing that drinking cold water regularly leads to sore throat. The blood vessels in the throat usually becomes more narrow due to the excess food water intake. This occurs mainly in children and elderly people. Drinking chilled water especially after a meal also causes extra mucus to form in the respiratory system. 

2. The shock factor. 


If you've noticed, a person usually have a series of shock factor and waves through their body system once they consume cold water often. This shock factor usually happens in the feet. Sometimes, the feet will be unable to move itself or shake due to lack of blood flow which has been caused by the cold water consumption. 

3. Slow digestion.


Chilled water, as well as drinks or beverages makes it more difficult for proper metabolism to take place in the body. It might become hard for digestion to occur after a meal because the chilled water contracts your blood vessels and hinders the natural process of absorbing nutrients during digestion. That is why its much better to drink water at normal room temperature after eating. 


Thanks for reading. I hope you'll stop drinking cold water from today. Please share!!!

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