Important Practices Females Should Not Neglect


091bf083a94d4ae5956d24d8d4e68590?quality=uhq&resize=720As a female, there are so many energy draining responsibilities that we prioritize. Just as a married woman with kids would wake up so early to prepare her children for school on school days, and still deal with house chores, husband, work and not to talk of other extended family issues that may need her attention. Many females have forgotten to prioritize personal hygiene. Yes, the vagina is designed to keep itself clean with some natural secretions. There are still things vital practices you should not neglect and they are listed below.

Wash your vulva with warm water: Vulva is part of the external sex organs which surround the vaginal opening. It must be washed at least twice a day because it becomes dirty when the discharges flow out of the vagina, accumulated vagina discharges can actually bring out some odours after a long time due to the actions of bacteria. However, you need to remember that when you urinate during the day, you didn't wash off the remaining urine that had contact with the vulva because you were busy and you were not in your personal bathroom. Infections like bacteria vaginosis or thrush which causes symptoms like itching, abnormal discharges, irritation of the vulva can be gotten from poor hygiene.79d9787ab99548719a1a511b2752e9ab?quality=uhq&resize=720

Avoid use of douches: There's no evidence so far that vaginal douches prevent STIs or infections. Douches only flush up water into the vagina, removing the vaginal secretion and also all the healthy bacteria including lactobacilli which actually help to keep the pH of the vagina in check. Vaginal douches use is not recommended as it disrupts the activities of normal vaginal bacteria.

Avoid use of scented soaps, wipes, deodorants: The use of scented products on the vagina can cause harm and imbalance of the healthy vagina. Professor Lamont once said if nature wanted the vagina to smell like roses, it would have made it so from the start. If you are worried about the way your vagina smells or you're using some scented products to cover your vagina's smell, then you should see a doctor. You might have gotten an infection.

Use of cotton underwear: This is very important. Use of cotton underwear is very much healthier than the use of silk underwear. Cotton absorbs excess moisture and eliminates heat from the area. During times of high humidity, yeast infections, odour and itching is most likely to occur.

Additionally do not go to bed with underwear you wore all day.

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