Interesting health benefits of consuming Yogurt


You know more or less about the benefits of yogurt, which can be easily eaten at any age. In this article, you will get to know more advantages of this useful dairy product.



According to healthline, yogurts are rich in calcium, B vitamins, Magnesium and potassium and they advice to eat as much as 2 cups of yogurt each day, it reduces the risks of breast cancer.

One study found that eating 400 grams or more of yogurt a day reduced the risk of breast cancer by about 10%. Even this decrease is 27% in Asian countries.

In another study, data from 1 million 63 thousand 471 thousand people were evaluated. As a result, people who ate yogurt every day were less at risk than those who did not.

In addition to breast cancer, regular yogurt reduces the risk of many other diseases. These diseases include: bowel cancer, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, bone and joint diseases, etc.

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