Lady Reveals The Only True Statement That Men Speak


Lying is one of the most serious sins that a man can commit in this world. According to the Bible, all liars will perish in the lake of fire, which will also be the end of Satan, the father of all liars. When someone lies, he or she uses lies to conceal previous lies. It is, however, recommended that we always stand for the truth and speak for the truth.


Billz, a Twitter user, made an important revelation about men on the platform. She revealed that men’s only true statement is “I’m coming to pick you up.” “The only truth men tell is that I am coming to pick you up,” she tweeted. She believes that most of what men say is a lie and that they should not be trusted unless they say they’re coming to pick you up. She is undoubtedly sending this message to other women, warning them not to be decieved by men. You can scroll down to see Twitter reactions, and you can also leave a comment in the box below.

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