Legalizing Cannabis In Nigeria : Nigerian Women's Opinion


Cannabis is a plant which, when it’s flowers are harvested, one is left with the most common drugs in the world.4ce7de003da24fc89e91258fb8295d8d?quality=uhq&resize=720

Cannabis are usually consumed for it’s relaxing effect, some medical practitioners prescribe it for some health conditions such as chronic pains, poor appetite and glaucoma. However, many believe that while cannabis is medicinal, it comes with strong effects, and when abused can lead to serious health challenges.

According to research, people who start consuming cannabis at a younger age, tend to have higher risk of mental problems and memory loss later in life.

Cannabis is illegal in most areas but many countries have recently started legalizing it for recreational and medical purposes.

In Nigeria, the Federal House Of Representatives have expressed readiness to legalize the use of cannabis in Nigerian because of its economic benefits.

The National Council Of Women Societies (NCWS), have recently kicked against the plan by the Federal House Of Representatives to legalize cannabis in Nigeria.bf75a0e2856645dfb9013ac04d53d811?quality=uhq&resize=720

Mrs Laraba Shoda, the chairman of the National Council Of Women Societies (NCWS), made the statement on Monday, she advised that individuals or rather Nigerians, who want to use Cannabis for medical purposes to go through legal procedures.

The NCWS boss Mrs Laraba Shoda insisted that many Nigerian men and women are already abusing the plant and the effects on them are nothing to write home about.

cc6220da594c4a4cbf50b48fe2fdd12c?quality=uhq&resize=720Cannabis has caused more harm than good to the Nigerian youths, most people who consume the product become addicted to it and tend to crave for it and consume more than required, the craving, abuse and excessive consumption results to health challenges and and mental illness, some end up becoming mentally retarded and wanderers in the streets.

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